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About GSSI

Our Mission

Help leaders succeed by providing actionable information and customized information to improve the performance of people, teams, and organizations.

Be a Value-Added Partner of Choice

Our vision is to be a value-added partner who gets results, inspires growth, and fosters excellence. We have two measures of success: the success of our clients and associates and living our core guiding principles daily. We are successful when our clients and associates recognize us as a “partner-of-choice.” We will model a servant’s heart, a scholar’s intellect, a leader’s discipline, a mentor’s encouragement, and a winner’s focus. Our clients grow professionally and personally because we provide a competitive advantage in planning, training, coaching, and management support. We strive for realistic, sustainable growth for our company and for our clients.

Our Values

Pursue Excellence

Our customers deserve and expect quality analysis and advice. We pay attention to details while seeing the “big picture.” We continue to learn and to share our knowledge and insights with others. We associate and work with other professional service providers who share our standards of excellence. We are a learning organization.

Be Forthright

Our ethical behavior is not a “sometimes thing.” Regardless of the circumstance, we treat the customer with honesty and commitment. We are quick to praise and to share good news. However, we do not shrink from giving unpopular and dissenting opinions, when necessary.

Be Thankful

We consider our profession to be a “calling” and accept its challenges and rewards with humility and graciousness. We appreciate the support of fellow associates and never forget the source of our blessings.

Be Persistent

Quick solutions are fine when they are the right solution. We diligently and persistently pursue the “right” solution, even when it is difficult. We face the tough challenges of business with optimism. We deal with difficult decisions and manage today with a focus on our future.

Our Approach

Every organization strives to deliver something of value, whether it is a product or a service. To succeed, the organization needs the professional performance of its people. Excellent performance drives excellent results, and results and people are the concern of every leader.

At Grace Strategic Services we focus on helping leaders improve the performance of their people, teams, and organizations so that they all win. We help leaders clarify strategies, align their systems, grow their leaders, and engage their employees in meaningful work.

We have a proven track record of helping for-profit and not-for-profit organizations attain their goals and build enduring success. We provide a broad scope of human capital assessments, management and employee surveys, training and coaching interventions, and strategic management facilitations and interventions.

We think that there are Seven Rights to Success: getting the right person doing the right thing with the right stuff at the right time and in the right place in order to deliver the right outcomes, all while leaders provide the right leadership methods and styles. This is a simple formula that requires diligent execution. And, at GSSI we are committed to helping leaders and their team get this right every time.

About GSSI

Grace Strategic Services’ consultants, trainers, and coaches can help your organization fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives. We will help you be results-oriented and people-focused.

Leadership - Ted Davis

Founder of Grace Strategic Services, Inc.

25 Reasons

Why Strategic Leaders Have Worked With GSSI

Seven Rights to Success

We help clients identify their tactical and strategic personnel needs and provide human capital assessments to improve the hiring processes.
During the planning processes, we help clients identify the right markets to enter or abandon and to determine where to deploy and position their workforces.
During the planning processes, we also help clients determine the timing for the next right steps and defining realistic action plans.
We help clients develop their capital investment plans and determine key strategic resources that must be managed meticulously.

We help clients identify their performance requirements to get the right outcomes and then help

1) define the competency, skill, and knowledge requirements

2) define the training requirements

3) develop the training curriculum

4) conduct the training and monitor its success.

We facilitate business planning sessions and process; conduct market research, conduct market, employee, and membership surveys; and help clients develop balanced scorecards.

We develop and conduct customized leader development programs that meet our clients’ needs

What Our Customers Say

“P1 Group has been working with GSSI for over 15 years. Ted’s combination of academic and real-world business experience gives him credibility in assisting businesses. With Ted’s guidance, coaching, confidentiality, and professionalism, P1 Group has improved our operations, our leadership team and our bottom line.”

Smitty Belcher –  CEO of P1 Group, Inc.

“The Guidance Center has worked with Ted Davis for over 15 years. We have used him for Strategic Planning, Staff Surveys, HR Consulting, and Leadership Coaching. No matter what the topic we ask him to speak on or the product we ask him to produce, we are always pleased with the results. Ted stays abreast of the latest trends and products in the business management arena so that his work is fresh and impactful. If you want to walk away from your strategic planning processes with a tangible and achievable set of blueprints for the future, Ted is the consultant to use.”

Keith Rickard, MS, MBA, LCP; Executive Director

“For the past several years, Ted is one of Enlighteneering, Inc. (ENL) highly sought after coach in our coaching network.  I have personally worked with Ted to support a client in the federal government.  He is always prepared and is always ready to support ENL in just a moment’s notice.  Our clients have given him the highest praise in the work that he had done.  He has been a tremendous asset to our network and to the clients he has coached.  We are proud that he is in our network of coaches.”

Marilyn Wiles, CEO Enlighteneering

“For the previous six years, GSSI has provided and guided KCSL on a highly successful multi-year strategic planning process.  The product is a working document that has led us to effective decision-making and stronger leadership and operational outcomes.  The tool used throughout the organization has led to clarity in objectives and communication.  I have appreciated GSSI’s ability to meet and support our company’s planning needs.”

Dona Booe, President/CEO, KCSL

“BOMA Kansas City began working with Ted Davis of Grace Strategic Services in 2017 to facilitate our annual organizational strategic planning. Before the planning sessions with our Board, we were pleased that Ted took the time to understand our organization and its history fully. He facilitated productive and engaging strategic planning sessions and compiled an easy-to-follow strategic plan with straightforward, attainable goals. We appreciate the quality and value of the services provided, and look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Cristalle Bozarth, Executive Director, BOMA Metropolitan Kansas City

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