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Grow Leaders: Strategic Leadership Development

Strategic Leadership

Strategic leaders get results by influencing other leaders. They are visionary leaders who envision and anticipate the future. They inspire a shared vision of future success. Their art is mobilizing others to struggle for shared aspirations. Strategic leaders know that success depends on the relationship between the leader, the led and the organization. They are empowering leaders and givers of timely, merited praise. Strategic leaders model the path to success. They “raise” future strategic leaders. They are servant leaders who position, equip, train, and supervise their people for success.

“To add growth, lead followers – To multiply, lead leaders”
John Maxwell:  The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

“Liberate the leader in everyone, and extraordinary things happen.”
James Kouzes & Barry Posner: The Leadership Challenge

Strategic Success

Strategic leaders are not born; they are trained and educated. Some people may have a “natural” inclination toward influencing others and leading organizations to success. However, everyone who is or hopes to be a successful leader – that’s someone who gets winning results through other people’s efforts – requires study of the leadership craft. It takes time, experience, coaching, and persistence to develop a strategic leader.

How We Can Help

Grace Strategic Services, Inc. helps senior and mid-level leaders develop personally and professionally. Our customizable leadership development program, RAISE Leaders, helps organizations define and sustain an effective leadership model and training program; it is not a “one size fits all” solutions. We help strategic leaders develop focused programs that will enhance their leadership skills and that will raise up another generation of strategic leaders. We match the program to the people and the organization.

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