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Our podcast, Strategic Edge: Applying Transformative Leadership, informs, instructs, and inspires leaders. We will share information about leadership models and theories, give instructions about applying what you hear, and encourage you to act. To ensure the experience is transformative, listeners should absorb what they hear, take in the ideas, and make those ideas their own ideas. Second, you should reflect on how these ideas apply to you. Assess yourself in light of what you learn. What about your leadership is affirmed? What about your leadership style can and should improve? Third, commit to an action plan for personal growth and decide on what specific actions you should take to improve.


Leading the Right Way: How to Build a Healthy Culture in a Virtual Environment

by Ted Davis | Featuring Rusty Fulling

Harnessing Chaos with Creativity and Courage

by Ted Davis | Featuring Dan Tocchini

Getting a Return on Talent Investment: The Power of One

by Ted Davis | Featuring Ginine Capozzi

Transformational Leadership: Solving Problems in New and Unique Ways

by Ted Davis | Featuring Major General Dustin "Dusty" Shultz

Rising Through Leadership: Navigating the Five Levels of Leadership

by Ted Davis

Leading with Curiosity: Inspiring Top Company Cultures

by Ted Davis | Featuring Chris Dyer

Growing Mentor Intelligence: Lifelong Learning

by Ted Davis | Featuring COL (RET) Alan D. Landry

Building Resilient Teams: The Leadership Triad

by Ted Davis | Featuring Lee Van Arsdale

Bringing Clarity and Inspiration: Simplifying Successful Leadership

by Ted Davis | Featuring Galen Bingham

Defining Leadership: Welcome to Strategic Edge

by Ted Davis

The Essence of Servant Leadership: Fairness, Firmness, and Accountability

by Ted Davis | Featuring Chris Auger

The Leadership Challenge: Building Trust and Credibility

by Ted Davis

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